Colombian Office Manager & Foreign Attorney

María Paulina Vergara

A graduate from the University of Medellín (2010), María Paulina is a lawyer specialized in Labor Law and Commercial Relations from the Universidad Externado de Colombia (2013). She also earned a diploma in Environmental Law and Land Restitution from the Universidad Externado (2018). She was an observer of the 24th Inter-American Human Rights Competition organized by the American University – School of Law in Washington D.C. (2019).

She has extensive experience in Colombian Law in areas such as Human Rights, Land Restitution and Victims Law, Environmental law, as well as post-conflict public policies. She has also worked in Administrative, Labor and Civil Law.

After 6 years in the public sector and almost a decade in the private sector, Maria Paulina Vergara stands out for her ability to analyze problems from different perspectives and to effectively solve legal processes on behalf of her clients.

Maria Paulina provides legal services in Colombia to individuals and companies. In Colombia, she practices law through our allied firm J Kelley Firma de Abogados S.A.S. where she is the manager and the senior attorney.


*Not licensed to practice in the United States. Practice limited to Colombia and International Law.

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