Bilingual paralegal

Stephani Portillo Ordóñez

Stephani Portillo Ordoñez is a member of J Kelley Law Group in our Maryland office. After obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science with a concentration in International Affairs and French, she joined the team as a bilingual paralegal. She is originally from El Salvador, however she received her education in the United States. Therefore, she is happy to provide you guidance in both English or Spanish.

Stephani is passionate about immigration law and helping others turn their dreams into a reality. Given the opportunities she has found in the United States, she has always strived to help others and give back to her community. This is a mindset that all of the members of the firm aspire to follow.

She loves being a part of J Kelley Law Group, as here she constantly expands her knowledge of legal matters and continues to build her professional goal of becoming an immigration lawyer.

If you see Stephani at the office in Maryland, don’t hesitate to say hello. This future attorney loves meeting and supporting each of our clients!

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