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Ethics is the principle that guides each of our actions. We take on the hardest cases that others will not. We believe everyone needs a qualified advocate, honest advice, a partner, and a true ally.

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_International Law


International Business

We represent entrepreneurs and companies in international business matters, international purchases and sale of goods, and in the use of alternate mechanisms for the resolution of legal conflicts arising from international trade.

We apply international law such as the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG, Vienna, 1980) to achieve economic efficiency for our clients and boost their profits with business abroad. We offer global support to your clients’ business relationships abroad.

Compliance with international standards, protection of resources through existing mechanisms, and dispute prevention or resolution are some of the services that our firm offers to make doing business around the world more profitable and less problematic.

J Kelley Law Group’s clients include exporting companies that are in disputes with shipping companies, international buyers, and agencies related to the export chain and sale / purchase of merchandise.

International Human Rights

Before the IACR and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, we represent and comprehensively accompany victims of human rights violations, as well as those affected by breaches of International Humanitarian Law. Given our expertise in this field, we also advise companies that seek to avoid this type of conduct and build better living conditions for those who are part of their businesses.

_Intellectual Property and Trademark Law 


We help business owners and entrepreneurs that are committed to the growth of their companies in protecting their trademark in multiple jurisdictions. We understand that a fundamental part of market positioning is the development of a brand that identifies the products or services offered. Therefore, through our network of lawyers, we accompany the trademark protection process from start to finish 

We prepare trademark background reports and opinion letters to determine the feasibility of registering a trademark in the United States, Colombia, and internationally under the Madrid Protocol.

In order to guarantee national and international protection, we register trademarks before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce in Colombia. Furthermore, J Kelley accompanies the applicants in every stage of the process by taking care of any requirement or opposition that may arise during the proceedings.

Through our legal team, we assist our clients while they are growing and developing their business and financial ideas.

Please be aware that under US law, an applicant, who is a foreign-domiciled trademark applicant, registrant or a party to Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, requires to be represented before the USPTO by an attorney licensed in the US.

_Immigration Law


Business-Based Petitions

The US immigration system offers non-immigrant and immigrant visas, as well as status to individuals and companies that want to work and invest in the US. To work temporarily in the US, companies and individuals can apply for a variety of work visas and/or status such as H1B (special occupations / professional), H2B (temporary workers for seasonal jobs), H2A (temporary agricultural workers), O & P (for singers, artists, businesses, scientists or athletes), R (religious workers), among others. If you are an entrepreneur and investor, you can explore the E2 and E1 visas, which would allow you to develop a business project in the US. Further, you can apply for a green card (legal permanent resident status) in the US through employment, by yourself if you are considered a person of extraordinary ability or qualify for a national interest waiver, or by investing large amounts of funds (EB5 program). Our firm has extensive experience in representing companies, individuals of extraordinary abilities, professional workers, and foreign investors that have developed their business projects in the US.

Family-Based Petitions

Family is the nucleus of our society, therefore, being able to bring our loved ones to the United States is a benefit of the US immigration system. US Citizens can apply to obtain immigration benefits for their spouses, children under 21, parents, married and unmarried sons and daughters, and siblings. Green card holders can apply for their spouses, children under 21, and unmarried sons and daughters older than 21. However, be aware that the US immigration systems does not include petitions for other relatives such as grandparents, uncles, aunts or cousins.   Remember that you can apply for your relatives inside of the US, or outside the US through a consular process.

J Kelley has represented hundreds of individuals in their family petitions and has brought hundreds of families together because we believe in uniting families. To learn more about the process and to understand if you qualify, please contact us for a consultation.

Humanitarian Visas & Benefits

The U.S. Immigration system has a humanitarian program that protects individuals in vulnerable conditions. Through this program, the US government protects victims of persecution in their country of origin, victims of human trafficking, victims of serious crimes in the US, young people under 21 that have been abandoned, abused, and neglected by their parents, and victims of abuse by their US citizen or green card holder spouses, children, and parents.  

Our firm is proud to represent and accompany hundreds of asylum seekers, refugees, U and T Visa holders, Juveniles, VAWA holders and other victims of cruel crimes and mistreatment. With compassion and hard work, we have obtained benefits for hundreds of applicants.

Removal Defense

One of the biggest fears of an immigrant is to be deported or removed from the United States. Therefore, it is crucial to find the best attorney for your defense. Here at J Kelley, we carefully analyze your case, facts, and evidence to identify all potential benefits and defense approaches. Keeping you in the US with your family and friends is our priority. The most common defenses in removal proceedings are asylum, cancellation of removal & adjustment of status, juvenile status for young clients under 21, and green card through a legitimate marriage with a US Citizen. We represent clients before the immigration courts, the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) and Federal Courts.

Let’s explore together the most effective way to represent you, and remember that if you do not go to court, you will receive a removal order in absentia, which is an order to be deported, and it makes you a fugitive. Do not let this happen to you, consult with us immediately if you have a court hearing coming up.

Other Immigration Benefits & Petitions

The US immigration system is complex and extensive, therefore there are other types of forms and applications that you will be required to prepare and file. Our firm represents clients in their naturalization process, green card renewals, waivers, FOIAs (request of records with different immigration agencies), travel documents, temporary visas such as B/1B2 (visitor and business), F1 (students) and J1 (exchange) visas, change and extension of status, suspension of removal I-246 with ICE, among other process, before all immigration agencies and the US State Department. Explore our other immigration services here.

_Colombian Law


Through our Colombian law practice, J Kelley serves Colombian nationals living in the United States who require legal representation or legal advice in their country of origin. We offer our services with lawyers licensed and residing in Colombia, but we connect directly with our clients inside the United States to accompany every detail of the process and provide immediate information, with the great economic advantage of applying Colombian rates for legal fees. Our goal is to support those Colombians who are thinking of abandoning their cases in Colombia (pension/retirement claims, inheritance/probate processes, family law, custody, divorce, for example) because they consider the pursuit of these cases too complex at a distance or are worried about having trusted representatives. Contact us to learn about our Colombian law practice. We have Colombian attorneys in Medellin, Bogota, and Bucaramanga.