The five essentials for choosing an immigration lawyer

The five essentials for choosing an immigration lawyer

Hiring an immigration lawyer to guide us through the legal system in the United States can seem like an overwhelming task and sometimes, that decision is mediated by haste, lack of knowledge, or concerns of the moment that lead us to make mistakes.

There are many lawyers out there and t oftenly one of them is selected solely  because he or she was the first to knock on the door when a problem arose.

As a senior lawyer, who is both bilingual and licensed in the United States and in Colombia, I also lived the experience of changing countries and developing a process to consolidate each of my personal and professional projects. 

In this long journey, I have worked with many clients who came to me for my services after receiving bad advice from that first lawyer who knocked on their door. 

Immigration law is not simply about navigating the legal system. It is also about pursuing opportunities and starting a new life.

It is important to be clear about one thing: unlike other types of law, immigration law involves family and business, which is why it is so important to know how to select the right firm to handle our cases. A bad immigration legal strategy costs a lot in terms of business opportunities, affects our loved ones, and consumes a lot of time and money.

Here are five things to consider when selecting your immigration law firm:

I. Language

For cases in the United States you should select an immigration attorney who speaks English and the language of your home country fluently. The attorney will need to speak directly with immigration officials and the court. For those conversations, accuracy really matters. Relevant information and facts get lost in translation. Attorneys must properly communicate their client’s case to the government and vice versa.

II. Understanding

A good immigration attorney should take the time to understand your unique priorities and understand and respect your culture. This will ensure that the best legal case is presented to the United States. Many attorneys treat cases as if they are all the same, prioritizing speed over quality. This leads to them missing important details. This can be the difference between success and failure.

III. Knowledge

A professional has the duty to keep up to date with ever-changing immigration policies and regulations. You need an attorney willing to keep up with U.S. law and the broad policy surrounding immigration.

IV. Willingness

Your attorney must have the ability to travel to represent you in any U.S. immigration court or agency. These matters often require in-person hearings or interviews. A firm with a presence in different U.S. cities and other countries is the best alternative.

IV. Preparation

Ideally, your immigration attorney should be prepared to provide legal services beyond that specific area. Immigration law often overlaps with commercial law, family law, tax law, criminal law, and international law. You will always want an attorney who is capable of practicing topics in addition to immigration, as cases can generate a need for comprehensive representation.

Immigration law is not simply about navigating the legal system. It is also about pursuing opportunities and starting a new life. Clients should carefully select the attorney who can best advance their case: one who understands that your future, your career, and your family are at stake.

Choosing the wrong attorney can mean starting from scratch in many cases. Unfortunately, in this situation, there are no second chances. Take the time to get it right the first time.


An immigration case goes beyond the legal process. Your attorney should know that it is about your job, your family, and your dream of a better future. 

Seek the best advice. Bad decisions can cost a lot of time and money. Sometimes there are no second chances.


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